"My skin is clear and radiant"


The only Deep Cleansing Facial you'll ever ask for...

Designed to deeply cleanse the face, this 30 minute treatment perfect combines expert machine-based technology with a relaxing hands-on massage to rid the skin of toxins and excess sebum whilst helping to restore radiance. Hydraclean is the only deep-cleansing treatment that acts simultaneously on sweat and sebaceous glands, instantly re-vitalising the skin and providing more effective, visible results of bright, clear skin compared to drug-store cleansers.



reduction of blemishes on the skin


reduction in the size of blemishes

Achieve perfect skin

£10 off on Weekdays during February!*

Paying special attention to the T-Zone, the secret to the Hydraclean treatment is the thermal action of the Thermoclean electrode, which uses Patented Heat Technology to clean deep within the skin while also being gentle to the complexion, unlike any regular cleansing creams and treatments. This produces outstanding visible results – The face is more luminous and and is immediately clearer and brighter. Suitable for all skin types and both adults and teenagers, it’s never been easier to achieve your beauty goals, with *£10 off the Hydraclean Facial, Monday-Friday between 11am-3pm!