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Faces are the most visible parts of us, that’s why our skincare routines are incredibly important to maintain that healthy glow and carefree confidence we all cherish. Finding a good skincare routine, however, can be a confusing process and can take years of practise to find the right blend of products and techniques that not only perfectly match with your skin, but to also help you achieve your complexion goals. That’s why we’ve asked our beauty professionals what their most recommended GUINOT products are, along with their expert tips in product application tips and what their perfect skincare routine would look like, tinkered especially for each skin type and goal – so you can jump ahead and save your time, but more importantly fall back in love with your skin.


To start your skincare routine off with cleansing in order to free your skin of any impurities your pores collect throughout the day/night, and to also prepare the skin properly to effectively receive the wonderful properties of other products you incorporate into your skincare routine, whether that be anti-ageing, toning, revitalising, acne control, etc.


Our “Most Essential” recommendation for youthful and cleansed skin, this duo is the perfect starting foundation to any day or night skincare routine, and is suitable for any skin type, although especially targets tired skin. Designed for revitalising, toning and softening the skin for a youthful glow, the Clean Logic Duo contains 6 secret, active components that cleanses the complexion of impurities and toxins, and removes make-up without disturbing the acid mantle.
These are:

Longevitine: Firms the skin and restores a more youthful appearance.
Shea Oil: Restructures the lipid barrier.
Hydrocyte Complex with Hyaluronic acid: Hydrates and restores comfort.
Papain: Reinvigorates the skin due to a gentle exfoliating effect. Eliminates dead skin cells that build up with age. Helps accelerate cell renewal and maximise the effectiveness of other subsequently applied treatment products.
Trace elements: Revitalise and tone the face.
Jojoba oil: Reinforces the acid mantle.
Expert application tips: Using the fingertips or a cotton pad, apply the Clean Logic Cleansing Care Cream in the morning and/or the evening to the entire face with light, circular movements. Then, finish with the Clean Logic Revitalising Care Lotion by using a cotton pad and applying to the entire face to revitalise and rejuvenate. Avoid the eye area.


Environmental irritants related to lifestyle, for example stress, smoking and pollution, generate cell malfunctions that are visible on the skin. All skin types at any age can succumb to fatigue, resulting in the complexion becoming dull and lacking radiance. These skincare products are designed to protect the skin from harmful environmental irritants, like a shield, and restore radiance to the skin.


The stellar solution to a dulled complexion, GUINOT’s BiOxygène radiance-enhancing range works to stimulate cellular oxygenation to provide the ultimate level of protection against pollutant concerns, all whilst rejuvenating the delicate layers of the skin.

By far the best Gentle Foaming Cleanser on the market, Mousse BiOxygène removes skin impurities and encourages cell oxygenation for cleansed and refreshed skin by using bespoke active ingredients; Pro-Oxygène which helps increase the oxygenation of skin cells for beautifully radiant skin; Cleansing agent derived from cotton seed oil (rich in unsaponifiables, provitamins and unsaturated fatty acids) which preserves the skin’s hydrolipidic film and rids it of impurities; Glycerox HE (modified vegetable oil complex) which enables the foam to be gently rinsed; Lotus extract which has emollient, anti-free radical and vein-toning properties.
Serum BiOxygène works from the inside out, delivering three times the concentrate of active ingredients and leaving the skin reinvigorated even after just one use. Serum BiOxygène can be used under any moisturiser for its protective functionality, containing Detoxiline which filters pollutants out of the skin, for a refreshed, healthy appearance.

Crème BiOxygène provides daily protection as an anti-pollution moisturiser, which reinfornces and restores the skins barrier against pollutants and other harmful enviromental effects. This is thanks to its Pro-Oxygène active cells which work by increasing the cellular oxygenation process through the energy-carrying molecule Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), therefore enhancing the vital functions of the skin, providing anti-ageing and boosted moisturisation, and restoring that radiant glow.

Expert application tips: Using the Mousse BiOxygène gentle foaming cleanser in the morning and/or evening, pump two to three times to release the foam and apply to a dampened face and neck, taking care to avoid the eye contour area. Using the fingertips, apply in gentle, circular movements. Then, rinse with water. Next, apply roughly two pumps the Sérum Bioxygène to the face and neck and finish by applying Crème BiOxygène in the same fashion to the face.


Water is an essential element for cell life and with age, hydration levels decrease. In turn, dehydrated skin often is the root cause for a lot of skin concerns, like wrinkles, that many high-street branded product try – and fail – to tackle, often leaving the skin more dehydrated than before. A long-lasting, deep hydrating balance is, therefore, absolutely essential to gain and maintain visibly healthy and renewed looking skin. Many GUINOT Hydrating products, like the Hydra Summum, contain innovative active ingredients named the Hydralogic Complex which has been shown to be a tried and true blend of components that effectively tackles dehydration and results in visibly younger-looking, supple and radiant skin.


One of the newest products in the GUINOT collection, Hydra Summum is an innovative, moisturising face cream using hydration to offset the effects of ageing on the skin by providing in-depth, long term hydration to plump the skin and fill dehydration lines. What makes this so different, however, to all other Hydrating products is the perfect blend of active components found in Hydra Summum that ensure your skin is not only deeply moisturised, but also protected against future dehydration by creating a barrier to lock in moisture and helping to improve circulation for a bright and youthful glow. These active ingredients are:

 Aquasilanol hydration complex: Creates a barrier that prevents evaporation, binds water to the skin and improves water distribution.
 Hydralogic Complex: Enhances the skin’s mechanisms for hydration.
 Anti-ageing molecule – Hyaluronic acid: Plumps up the skin and fills dehydration lines.

Expert application tips: After cleansing the skin thoroughly, apply to the face using fingertips with gentle, circular motions in the morning and/or evening, once a day for the best results.

Interested in any of these star products? As of the 9th of July 2020, you can order any of your favourite GUINOT products for click and collect at Forever Young Beauty Clinic, so to get in touch about any further information about what would be the perfect match for your skin, or to order a product, please email mona@foreveryoungbeautyclinic.co.uk with your name, phone number and your order request.

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