We are thrilling to launch our most indulgent treatment yet...


This is our latest, most exclusive and heavenly massage yet..

The Mirific Massage treatment is designed specially to relax the body and mind. This luxurious treatment erases muscular and nervous tension, while nourishing the skin in 4 precious essential oils that promote exceptional revitalisation and anti-ageing properties.

The exclusive Mirific treatment oil combines four nourishing oils, which possess advanced anti-ageing capabilities and are enriched in Omega 3, 6 and 9, to nurture the skin and immensely diminish stress:

Passion Flower

Rich in Omega 6 to nurture the skin and promote skin revitalisation.

Evening PrimRose

Rich in Omega 3 which re-balances the skin and contains vitamin A and E, exceptional in nourishment.


Rich in Omega 9, Camellia is a nourishing oil that helps to film the skin and prevent water evaporation.

Argan Oil

 Rich in healthy fatty aids which promotes intense regeneration and restores the acid mantel.

 Available this Winter, our newest and most luxurious treatment yet is sure to relax you beyond your imagination and provide the best experience to date, here at Forever Young Beauty.

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This deluxe treatment is only £58 for a whole hour of serenity.